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Breaking Out All Of A Sudden? This Local Expert Shared What You Can Do To Combat Acne

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Let’s face it, when it comes to acne, many of us expect breakouts to be a thing of the past once we hit adulthood

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Pimples pop up when your pores get clogged and become infected. This usually happens when your sebaceous glands, which are responsible for secreting sebum so your skin doesn’t dry out, produce too much of the oily, waxy natural substance, and get mixed with dead skin cells.

It’s normal to worry about pimples, more so when you’re breaking out a lot all of a sudden — and I understand the feeling all too well

Before and after I started breaking out, both photos with tinted moisturiser applied on my face.
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As someone who only gets a pimple or two during my period, I was feeling more than overwhelmed when I was suddenly breaking out across my cheeks and chin. I tried managing it with at-home pimple treatments for a few months in the beginning, but I was breaking out way too much, and at a rate I found alarming too.

After researching many clinics, I finally settled on Kaiteki Clinic. My sister showed me a review by Jenn Chia, (which can still be found on her Instagram Story highlight titled ‘Skin Purge’), and based on what the content creator was saying, I was experiencing almost the same thing.

I consulted with certified aesthetic physician (MBBS, LCP Board Certified, MAC, MSAM) Dr Chew Yuhhui at Kaiteki Clinic in Bukit Jalil, and she suggested a course of mild antibiotics to stop my skin from breaking out, which at that point was pretty inflamed, and PicoSure laser therapy to help with the scars. Within the first month of taking antibiotics, almost all of the once-stubborn pimples were gone, and I wasn’t breaking out anymore! I almost cried tears of joy. :’)

This brings us to this story — with the hopes of helping people in similar situations, I had a quick chat with Dr Chew to find out more about acne, and how you can deal with the skin condition

Image via Kaiteki Clinic (Provided to SAYS)

SAYS: What should people do at the first sign of their skin breaking out?

Dr Chew: Don’t panic! If it’s one or two pimples, you can apply salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide which will help to kill the bacteria and reduce acne. Also, always observe your skin from day to day to see if it’s improving.

If you start having a lot of acne at one go or it does not improve after home remedies, it’s time to visit a doctor to find out the causes of it. [More importantly], do not attempt to extract it yourself!

Image via Kaiteki Skin Aesthetic Clinic (Facebook)

SAYS: Acne is typically known as a teen skin issue. What causes breakouts in adults specifically?

Dr Chew: Breakouts in adults are quite common. Contrary to beliefs that acne only happen in teenagers, it can also happen in adults due to:

– fluctuation in hormones around menstruation time, after starting or discontinuing oral contraceptive pills, or during pregnancy

– acute stress, which can cause androgens (a type of hormone) to increase. This hormone stimulates oil production thus leading to clogged pores.

– unsuitable skincare products. Many people tend to experiment with skincare products and often buy the wrong products for their skin.

– undiagnosed medical conditions like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal disorder which has many symptoms like hair fall, acne, irregular menses, excessive hair growth, and weight gain.

A before and after of my bare face, which Dr Chew helped treat through a combination of antibiotics, facials, and PicoSure laser therapy.
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SAYS: Is there a way to prevent acne in general?

Dr Chew: Yes, of course! Healthy habits like sleeping early and getting enough rest, picking the right product for your skin, and avoiding taking too much refined sugar, as well as lactose [will bring you] a step closer to having good skin!

[You should try] to avoid food that causes spikes in insulin levels, as that will lead to inflammation and acne flare-ups. Of course, smoking and drinking alcohol should be avoided too!

SAYS: How do laser treatments help when it comes to acne scarring?

Dr Chew: There are many types of lasers out there in the market, which are able to reduce acne and acne scars. In general, lasers produce heat which is able to kill the bacteria involved in the formation of acne.

Some lasers also target red pigments, which are present during inflammation and therefore reduce redness, whilst some lasers are able to target black melanin pigments hence reducing dark acne marks. There are also a few types of lasers which can stimulate collagen. These are suitable for acne scars.

SAYS: What would you recommend people do (with their skincare regime, etc.) if they can’t or don’t opt for laser treatments?

Dr Chew: Step one is to ensure you have the right products for your skin, keep a simple skincare routine, and maintain healthy habits.

I would also like to believe that knowledge is power. Equip yourself with knowledge on self-care and get to know active ingredients which can help reduce acne. You can look out for ingredients such as niacinamide, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, lactic acid, and retinol, which are proven acne busters. If it gets too serious, always visit a doctor as they can prescribe medication, which can reduce acne effectively.

The common pitfalls we see in patients are over-cleansing or over-exfoliating, constant touching of the inflamed acne, popping the acne themselves (leave this to the experts!), and using a lot of unsuitable products.

Image via Kaiteki Skin Aesthetic Clinic (Facebook)

Know the product you are using and know your skin type. If you are unsure about your skin type, you can try this at home:

Wash your face and leave it bare for one hour. After one hour, examine your skin. If you feel that it’s flaky or peeling, you have dry skin. If you see that your skin has a sheen of oil, you have oily skin. If you see a sheen of oil on your forehead and nose but your cheeks are dry, it’s highly likely a combination of skin types.

In general, acne-prone skin is usually oily. For this type of skin, avoid rich moisturisers or oil-based moisturisers. Acne is a very common problem which can be solved effectively with the help of a professional doctor. So, refrain from self-treating!

At the end of the day, remember that acne is treatable!

Image via Kaiteki Clinic (Provided to SAYS)

Personally, I was experiencing a lot of stress, which caused me to break out in the first place. Besides stripping down my skincare to the basics, I had to make sure I got enough sleep and find ways to manage stress levels as well.

If you’re looking for a professional to help treat your skin woes, you can check out your options at Kaiteki Clinic, where you can expect professional doctors, who offer a variety of medical-grade treatments that feel very much spa-like and tranquil.

I paid a total of RM3,500, which was inclusive of antibiotics, laser treatments, and facials. However, the price is dependent on your skin issue, what you want to treat, as well as any promotion the clinic runs at any given month.

For consultations and enquiries, you can contact the clinic at +60103818170.

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