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Apple Slows Down Production For iPhone 14 Plus. Here’s Why

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The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus made its debut in Malaysia back on 7 October, but you may start seeing less of the latter

Image via Victor Serban/Unsplash

According to a report by The Information, Apple has informed one of its manufacturers in China to stop production on the phone indefinitely, while two other suppliers in the country were told to scale back on production by 70% and 90% respectively.

Apparently, demand is low and people are more keen towards the iPhone 14 Pro model.

There are several possible reasons why the demand for the iPhone 14 Plus has not been high

9to5Mac reports that rising cost of everyday living due to inflation and a weaker than global average economy could be possible factors.

Users could also be more inclined to opt for the iPhone 14 Pro variants because you pay more for extra features

Image via Apple (Edited by SAYS)

As it stands, the iPhone 14 Plus sits awkwardly between the base iPhone 14 and its more powerful counterpart — the iPhone 14 Pro. Essentially, there’s no difference between the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus aside from a larger screen and a bigger battery.

However, if someone adds an extra RM600 to the iPhone 14 Plus’ base model price point, they’ll receive Apple’s latest flagship model, the iPhone 14 Pro, with all of its new features such as a stronger processor, a 120Hz display, and a floating notch design with the Dynamic Island.

Ultimately, most people would probably think it best to opt for the best features if they decide to top up their purchase.

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