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An attack by sheep

Last Friday would have been a day of reckoning for this govt that seem to have been lurching from miss-step to missteps

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I FOUND myself reading user reviews of light bulbs on Saturday night.

The talk at the table was about last Friday’s budget non-vote, but after weeks of hotly discussing the possible outcomes being driven, no doubt, by the Opposition’s fiery intent on opposing it, no one was paying attention and we were all looking at our phones.

I was at my irregular kaffeeklatsch, which congregates around a discarded ice-box just outside of the 10m line of the no-smoking line of this quiet restaurant.

There’s a dumpster a stone’s throw away, but it’s downwind and Apip’s desecrable pipe smoke usually kills off any other smells.

There’s no tables or chairs because the owner didn’t want to get in any trouble with the smoke police, but once in a while, one of his lads would come out and ask us if we wanted drinks though I suspect it’s really to see if we were still breathing.

“He’s a moron, I tell you,” Cecil said.

“Who’s a moron?” I said byway of pleasantries.

“The whole bunch of the Opposition MPs in Parliament, that’s who!”

The other smoking exiles hardly looked up; they are not an easily excitable bunch. I can’t blame Cecil though.

For months the Opposition has been drumming up their disgust at the present government, calling it “treacherous and illegitimate”.

Convinced that they have more MPs than Prime Minister (PM) Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (picture), they’ve been telling the rakyat they could retake the government if only they had the chance.

This seemed remote because Speaker Art Harun continues to make sure a no confidence vote never gets to see the light of day.

The best way for the Opposition to show up the government would have been to vote out the budget.

That chance came last Friday.

It was a Lakers versus Celtics kind of showdown, or Man U versus Man City kind of spectacle.

We were told it would be a day of reckoning for this government that just seem to have been lurching from miss-step to missteps — from minister privilege to reviving Barisan Nasional era money-wasting dinosaurs.

But only 13 MPs put their money where their mouths were when the crunch came — “The rest? They were behaving like sheep, all it took was one word from Anwar,” Cecil was still nonplussed.

“Now, they will spend the rest of the week trying to explain to their constituents, who they had worked up for the past months boasting of what they’ll do to this back door government, why they chickened out? Muhyiddin is being attacked by a bunch of sheep I tell you.”

Without looking up from cleaning his pipe, Apip killed the subject.

“I hear you are looking for light bulbs!”

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