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An Apple Watch Detected That A Woman Was Pregnant Before A Pregnancy Test Did

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Through a reddit post on subreddit r/AppleWatch, a 34-year old woman shared how she found out she was pregnant thanks to her Apple Watch

At first, the woman was puzzled with her situation. On the post, she noted that she goes to the gym regularly and eats healthy. Furthermore, she waited a while to see if it was a potential COVID-19 infection, but a cold never came around.

Additionally, she even took her own temperature and everything else seemed normal. The only indicator to the changes throughout her body was her increased resting heart rate, firstly detected by her Apple Watch.

After researching her symptoms, she discovered that this could be a sign of early pregnancy, so she immediately tested for confirmation

Image via cottonbro/Pexels

And sure enough her suspicions were confirmed, as her test was positive.

The woman goes on to exclaim that she was astounded by the technology installed on her Apple Watch, and goes on to advise other woman who showed high resting heart rates on their Apple Watch to check out for pregnancy symptoms too!

The redditor has also updated on the post that her pregnancy has been officially confirmed by clinical tests

She states that she is currently four weeks pregnant, and the ultrasound couldn’t detect anything yet due to how early it is.

Additionally, the Apple Watch detected her change in heart rate almost instantly, before any other pregnancy symptoms popped up.

Other redditors shared their thoughts on the post

There was a user who went on to say that she went through the same thing, notifying that her first sign was her increased resting heart rate.

Image via u/aliveinjoburg2 (Reddit)

Others went on to offer their congratulations and were impressed by Apple’s tech.

Image via u/why_yer_vag_so_itchy

A different user went on to express that their Apple Watch detected that they had COVID-19 when the user thought they were just sleep deprived.

Image via u/ghostly_shark

Technology is pretty great, huh?

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