IPOH, Nov 12 — Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu has downplayed rival Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for erecting a giant banner at Gugusan Manjoi and a giant billboard along the North-South Expressway heading towards the Ipoh toll exit.

The Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia deputy president said however that he does need to pull such a stunt to defend the Tambun seat here.

“Is that Anwar Ibrahim? I thought it was Godzilla,” he told reporters, drawing reference to the fictional giant “kaiju” or monster.

“The poster is fantastic. I’d love to have one for me, but sadly I don’t have the money to have a giant poster,” he added in the press conference after attending the Perak Cyber Games programme at the Weil Hotel here.

Ahmad Faizal said having big promotional materials is unnecessary for him as Tambun voters already know him, unlike Anwar who has never contested the seat before.

“For Anwar, he needs giant posters to introduce himself to the voters. He is not from Tambun and this is something people will do to get the voter’s attention.

“It’s their creativity to have big posters cause if it’s small people may not notice it. I support this effort and this is how we campaign. But I am from here and I’m confident the people here know me. I don’t need big posters. he said.

When asked if using giant posters can garner more votes, Ahmad Faizal said the method may be what his rivals feel is effective.

“They maybe need those giant posters to garner votes, but I think they need it because they are not from here and it is not certain whether they can present the Tambun voters.

“We must appreciate the views from various parties. I will leave it to the discretion of the people to choose their leaders” he said.

Separately, when asked to comment on his poster being damaged by certain individuals in Tambun, Ahmad Faizal it does not worry him as with or without the posters the voters in the constituency still know him.

However, he said he hopes that the small banners and posters of him placed by the roadside were not vandalised.

“What we are doing during the campaign is a democratic process. But if we don’t understand the democratic process then it will invite untoward incidents because there will be a reaction towards everything we do.

“If my supporters get angry because of the incidents then it will cause a different problem. But I don’t want to point fingers, and vandalism is not something I agree with, even if it involves the posters of my opponents,” he said.

Ahmad Faizal also said vandalising banners and posters may even backfire against the individuals who did it.

“I might get sympathy from the people instead. You never know,” he said.