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7-Eleven Employee Is Rewarded After Netizens Make Him Viral For His Friendly Service

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Last week, Twitter user Shafiqah Othman shared about an employee that always stood out to her with his friendly service whenever she visits the 7-Eleven outlet on Jalan Bazar.

“Hi @7elevenmalaysia, there is an employee in 7-Eleven, Bukit Jelutong that’s just A+,” she tweeted.

“I forgot to ask his name, but I went there just now and told him that his cheerful personality makes me happy every time I visit. I hope you give him a big bonus!”

She said that she was lining up to pay and saw him helping a foreigner register a prepaid mobile number.

“Just looking at the interaction made me smile. When it was my turn, he was just as warm and friendly. He’s like this every single time!”

“Very rarely do I enter a shop and leave with such a big smile on my face,” she added.

Shafiqah hoped that 7-Eleven will identify the employee and give him the bonus he deserves.

“This is the [7-Eleven] near Ehsan’s, right? Then yes, I agree,” replied a Twitter user.

Another said, “Haha, yes, agree that there’s one guy who is cheerful. He interacts naturally with customers but is not annoying.”

Meanwhile, Twitter user Atie Mahmud, who also shared the same sentiments, took a step further and went to the 7-Eleven to speak to him on the day itself.

“Yes, I know him. I forgot his name. His hair is always styled. But he has a cheerful personality and is always willing to help! Very friendly chap. I’m a Bukit Jelutong resident, so I always go there. In fact, I’m going to 7-Eleven now,” she tweeted.

In less than two hours, she got back and said she found out that the employee’s name is Al Amin, and that he is an unmarried 28-year-old from Bangladesh.

“Shafiqah, I showed him your Tweet. He was so happy to read it and he said he knows you,” wrote Atie, adding that he said he just loves serving people and making them happy.

The praise also quickly caught the attention of 7-Eleven, who thanked Shafiqah for sharing about her experience.

“After hearing that, we would also love to reward Al Amin who made your experience in our store that much more memorable. Thank you very much once again for your feedback. We really appreciate it!” they said.

Sure enough, on Tuesday, 9 November, Shafiqah shared an update that delegates from 7-Eleven headquarters went to the Bukit Jelutong branch to personally acknowledge and congratulate Al Amin for his good service at work.

The photos showed Al Amin beaming through his face mask while holding a certificate and a goodie bag.

“Thank you so much for appreciating my work and really I am so happy to see your tweet about me,” he wrote in a reply to her on Facebook.

“You are the best and because of you, I got a certificate that I am a hero of 7-Eleven. One more time, thank you so much.”

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