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19-Year-Old Man Gets Engaged To 56-Year-Old Mother Of 3 In Thailand

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A 19-year-old man in Thailand recently got engaged to a mother of three, despite a 37-year age gap between them

56-year-old Janla Namuangrak first met the man, Wuthichai Chantaraj, when she moved next door to his family in the Akat Amnuai district of Sakon Nakhon province in northeast Thailand.

According to NextShark, the woman “befriended” the boy when he was barely 10 then. He often helped the elderly woman with her chores.

“I saw her shabby house and found myself thinking of ways to help her. I admire her,” Wuthichai reportedly told The Thaiger.

The young man and the woman eventually developed feelings and started dating each other when Wuthichai turned 17.

They have reportedly been together for two years and aren’t hesitant to go out on dates or show affection in public.

Image via India Times

Wuthichai claimed that it was the first time in his life that he has felt like wanting to provide a comfortable life for someone

Janla, who has split up with her ex-husband of 20 years and have three children in their 30s, kept her relationship with the man hidden and only revealed it to their family and friends earlier this year.

“Wuthichai is like a superhero for me. He helped me every day,” Janla reportedly said.

“As he grew older, we developed feelings for one another. I was taken aback because I’ve known him since he was a child”.

“He makes me feel youthful again, and we’ve stayed together,” she continued. “We’re happy. We’ll tie the knot.”

Their story has since gained nationwide attention in Thailand, as well as on the Internet, with netizens questioning if their relationship is a case of child grooming or true love.

Image via Mothership

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