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18-Year-Old Malaysian Girl Sells Unwashed Underwear & Socks Online For As Much As RM120

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Have you ever scrolled through a website while shopping and wondered, ‘Why is this even on here?’

Well, you’re about to experience one of those moments right now.

Selling second-hand items isn’t an out of the ordinary thing to do when you’re trying to earn a quick buck. But how much would you sell an item, to a complete stranger, that’s seen the most intimate part of our bodies?

One Malaysian girl currently has an online listing for the sale of her ‘original’ underwear with an ‘original sweat scent’ still attached to it. In other words, the unidentified woman is selling her used undergarments that haven’t been cleaned or washed.

Image via SAYS

Ranging from RM60 to RM120 per order, the difference in price is determined by the length of time a purchaser would like the woman to wear the item before selling it to them

According to Chinese media outlet Noodou, the seller curates the items according to the purchaser’s request. Keeping the information to a minimum, the location the item ships from is stipulated to be Kuala Lumpur.

Within the description of the item, the seller provides what a customer would receive should they buy her underwear. As stipulated in the item name, the seller describes it as original second-hand underwear with a sweat scent, that she elaborates as having been used during her gym workout.

Seemingly providing a caution for purchasers, the seller stipulates that she is an 18-year-old female college student, and that pre-orders are required for the item(s). “Please be patient if you place an order. Recently, [there have been] too many orders [that] are in short supply.”

Full description for the undergarments.
Image via SAYS

One person has already purchased the item and wrote a review in the ‘Product Ratings’ section giving it five stars

While not much is stated, the buyer (whose name is unidentifiable), wrote in the comments on 3 October, “10/10 satisfaction,” in reference to their purchase.

Three people have since liked the review, while 12 users have made the item a ‘Favourite’, which is a feature used on the platform to show support for an item on sale.

Image via SAYS

However, this isn’t the only unusual item the seller has on their page, as she is also selling her unwashed socks for around RM40 to RM75

While there hasn’t been any purchases for the socks yet, a peculiar product description and photo placement follow the display of the items for sale as well.

“Second-hand unwashed white socks,” read the information to the item.

Image via SAYS

Full description for the items.
Image via SAYS

A Malaysian influencer went viral for promoting a ‘Rent-A-Friend’ app:

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